We run many programs to promote diversity and interest in computing fields.

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Women@SCS Committee

Women@SCS' mission is to create, encourage, and support women's academic, social and professional opportunities in the computer sciences and to promote the breadth of the field and its diverse community. The Women@SCS Advisory Committee consists of undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty within the School of Computer Science.

Members of the Committee have initiated many programs, such as the Big/Little Sister program for undergraduates, the invited Speaker Series, professional development workshops, as well as dinners and other social and academic events. Women@SCS also sponsors outreach projects such as "Is there a robot in your future?" workshop for middle school girls, and the Women@SCS Outreach Roadshow with its different versions for undergraduates, for grade school children, teachers, and parents, and TechNights, a free weekly series of workshops for middle school girls taught by our students. In general, the committee strives to promote a healthy and supportive community atmosphere for ALL. Making a difference and solving problems serve as the basic motivating purposes of the organization.


BiasBusters@CMU is modeled on Google’s Bias Busting@ Work program, and developed in concert with Google. The program was piloted in the School of Computer Science (BiasBusters@SCS,CMU) to engage over issues of bias, diversity, and inclusion. BiasBusters sessions are led by members of the CMU community who have volunteered to be trained as program facilitators. BiasBusters@CMU now reaches communities across the Carnegie Mellon campus.

Several things distinguish BiasBusters@CMU from similar programs. First is the framing: the program has an academic tone, focusing on summaries of research evidence into which discussions of experience are woven. Second, the role-playing, based on relevant and real life scenarios, has proved to be a powerful and effective approach for engaging participants, both at Google and at CMU, creating commitments to greater inclusivity.


The School of Computer Science Outreach Roadshow, developed by Women@SCS, introduces children, teachers and parents to the many areas within computer science.

This is a highly interactive presentation by undergrads and grads in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon who talk about why/how they began studying the area, their current experiences, what Computer Science means to them now, and their future hopes and expectations. The middle and high school presentations include a guessing game, a slide show of CS applications, algorithm style puzzles, a robot demo, and much more. The graduate level Roadshow (presented to undergrads) includes general information on going to graduate school and short research talks.


TechNights (Creative Technology Nights for Girls) is a program focused on exposing middle school girls to creative technologies. Using computer animation, web design, programming, robotics, and interactive medias, we hope to engage a future generation of women in technology.

PhD Initiative

PhD Initiative